A Reason to Support Mitt

Robert Novak writes:

While President George W. Bush has maintained neutrality among contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, he privately expresses to friends his exasperation with Mitt Romney’s hard-line stance on immigration.

Michael Barone, meanwhile, thinks that John McCain “is on an unobstructed flight path to the nomination, facing a few crosswinds but no serious navigation hazards.” In contrast, he sees potential for serious damage to the Democrats in the head-on collision between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama:

The Clinton campaign, defeated in Iowa and nearly in New Hampshire, scraping by in Nevada and expecting a clobbering in South Carolina, faced a choice between losing clean and winning ugly. What is amusing is that so many liberal commentators were surprised when the Clinton apparat, with the unhesitation of a shark, chose the latter option.

Barone sees a possible parallel to 1980, when Ted Kennedy, when having lost his nomination battle against Jimmy Carter, continued his “bitter denunciations” of Carter up to the convention. We can only hope.


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