A McCain endorsement worth paying attention to

Not all political endorsements are created equal. Over the weekend, John McCain received an endorsement that is more equal than most others. It came from John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations. Ambassador Bolton stated:

John McCain was very active and supportive during my confirmation hearings to be the U.S. Ambassador to the UN. His belief in me at that time was a testament to his courage to fight the liberals in the Senate and vigorously advance American interests at the UN.
I whole-heartedly endorse John McCain for President because when he takes office in January 2009 he will be prepared immediately to lead us. John will not need on the job training.
American conservatives will have a President they can be proud of in John McCain.

Although Bolton’s final statement can be debated, there’s no doubt that McCain is vastly preferable to Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton on issues of national security, a subject that should be foremost in our thinking. McCain’s strong support for Bolton during the latter’s extremely contentious confirmation battle should remind conservatives that McCain is a conviction politician, with mostly sound convictions about how to defend this country, not someone out to score points with the liberal MSM.


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