The Battle of Berkeley

We haven’t written much about the Berkeley City Council’s effort to chase the Marines out of town, and the push-back from pro-America groups. Last night, there was a marathon City Council session that ended with the City Council voting 7-2 to “clarify” the language of its earlier resolution that members of the U.S. Marine Corps are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” in Berkeley.
The new resolution is even-handed as between America and its enemies, and is careful to describe the war in Iraq as “unjust and illegal.” Berkeley’s Mayor, Tom Bates, was unrepentant:

After the council finished voting today, Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates said there was no reason for the council to apologize.
“What would we apologize for?” he asked.
Referring to the Marines, Bates said, “They were uninvited and unwelcome.”

The problem with holding an anti-American protest in Berkeley is that Zombie lives there–or near there, anyway. Zombie dutifully showed up with her camera to record the pro-American and pro-military protest against Berkeley’s resolution, and the anti-American and anti-military demonstrators who showed up in defense of Code Pink and the Berkeley City Council. Here are some shots of lovable liberals in action; click to enlarge:

It is strictly forbidden to suggest that any leftist is unpatriotic. It’s hard, in fact, to think of a worse offense. Somehow, though, leftists themselves are often less aware of their own deep-seated patriotism:

I guess they didn’t get the memo. This young leftist in training shows promise as a liberal of tomorrow:

Unfortunately, he must have done something more violent than unleash the occasional F-Bomb, as the police eventually hauled him away:

Another martyr to the “cause,” I guess.
All I can say is, it’s a good thing for liberals that the news media resolutely protect voters against any exposure to their actual views and methods.
UPDATE: At the Forum, Voltimand writes:

The USMC were


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