Can anyone answer this question for George Will?

George Will addresses five unfriendly questions to John McCain in his column today. Here is Will’s first question:

First, he says war with Iran would be less dreadful than an Iran with nuclear arms. Why does he think, as his statement implies, that a nuclear Iran would be, unlike the Soviet Union, undeterrable and not susceptible to long-term containment until internal dynamics alter the regime?

I have a question for George Will. Which country has a ruling cleric who has helpfully illuminated the Iranian regime’s thinking on this subject by statements such as this one:

“If a day comes when the world of Islam is duly equipped with the arms Israel has in possession, the strategy of colonialism would face a stalemate because application of an atomic bomb would not leave any thing in Israel but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world.”

Hint: The statement occurred in the course of a prayer service in Tehran.


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