Another brick in the wall

Charles Johnson alerts readers to the Reuters story suggesting that Hamas may try to breach Gaza’s border with Israel on Monday. Whatever Hamas does, women and children will of course be leading the way:

A pro-Hamas group said it would hold a peaceful protest on Monday in which it estimated that 40,000 to 50,000 women and children would form a “human chain” stretching the length of the Gaza Strip. Organisers said they had no intention of breaching the border.

Israel Defense Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Livni have now issued a joint statement on the developing situation:

Hamas is behind an intentional action that yet again places Palestinian civilians on the front lines. Israel does not interfere in demonstrations taking place inside the Gaza Strip, but Israel will protect its borders and will prevent any violations of its sovereign territory. Israel is acting to prevent any deterioration of the situation but wishes to unequivocally clarify that if this does happen, the sole responsibility lies directly on Hamas’ shoulders.

Hamas’s stage managers in Iran must think the time is ripe for the usual misdirection that accompanies international attention to their nuclear weapons program.
UPDATE: Hamas’s stage managers in Iran must have concluded that the time was ripe only for more propaganda aimed at English-speaking audiences and for a test of Israeli resolve.
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