Tonight’s Democratic debate

Having long ago stopped thinking like a Democratic voter, I doubt that my impressions of tonight’s debate have much value except perhaps as a reverse barometer. But since I watched the entire 90 minutes, I might as well unleash a few observations.
Hillary Clinton came out like a high school debater on steroids, insisting on the last word, complaining (justifiably based on the Texas debate) about always having to answer first, etc. Eventually she calmed down and did well thereafter.
Barack Obama showed once again that he has little trouble dealing with Hillary’s high school debater incarnation. He came across as agile, mature, and fairly thoughtful. For what it’s worth, I give him the clear edge.
Obama did struggle, however, with “the Jewish question.” He failed to explain his allegiance to a pastor who has honored Louis Farrakhan. Indeed, Clinton had to goad him into a fairly half-hearted rejection of “Minister Farrakhan’s” support. Obama’s initial position was much weaker; he said that if someone thinks he’s a good guy, that’s okay with him. [Note: The exact quotation is


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