The arrogance of impotence, Obama style

Barack Obama likes to complain about American “arrogance” during the Bush years. In fact, our alleged arrogance is his pretext for wanting to negotiate directly and without pre-condition with some of the world’s worst and most virulently anti-American dictators, a move that even Hillary Clinton opposes.
Yet it would be difficult to find a more arrogant foreign policy proposal than the one his key foreign policy adviser Samantha Power spoke favorably of in 2002, namely inserting a large military force into Israel and its territories for the purpose of imposing a Palestinian state. The arrogance (and stupidity) of this concept is so self-evident that Power now not only disavows it, but purports to find it incomprehensible.
Obama, to my knowledge, has never advocated anything like military intervention to create a Palestinian state. However, Ed Lasky reports that Obama and Power are contemplating the promotion of ethnic cleansing in Iraq. During a BBC broadcast, Power revealed that when President Obama retreats from Iraq, his plans might very well include “moving potentially people from mixed neighborhoods to homogenous neighborhoods” if that is their choice. Power acknowledged that this action would be the


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