Islamic Extremists or Code Pinkers?

Those groups appear to be the most likely suspects in a bombing in Times Square early this morning. Someone set off an “improvised explosive device” in front of the military recruiting station there; the bomb blew a hole in the building’s door. No one was hurt.
The Times Square recruiting station “has been the site of regular antiwar protests since the start of the Iraq war.” Given the increasing virulence of attacks on the military and on military recruiting facilities by antiwar groups like Code Pink, most notably the repeated confrontations in Berkeley, one could speculate that a liberal group is the most likely culprit. So far, however, there are no suspects.
UPDATE: The facts are fuzzy, but it appears that a number of House Democrats, and possibly others, received letters that contained photos and threats against the Times Square recruiting center–although this isn’t entirely clear, either. Stay tuned.
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