We Won’t Have Samantha Power to Kick Around Any More

She has resigned from the Obama campaign. It was probably the “Hillary is a monster” quote that put her over the top, but that was only one of a number of ill-advised outbursts.
So Power is gone from the scene, at least for now. But there is still a lesson to be learned, as Paul has documented in a series of posts, from the fact that Obama sought her out as a key foreign policy adviser. For the reasons Paul has noted, Power deserved to be controversial long before she started saying what the Obama camp really thinks about Hillary Clinton.
PAUL adds: Unfortunately, there’s every reason to believe that, if elected president, Obama will continue to look to Power (who according to her account receives text messages from the candidate in the middle of the night) for foreign policy guidance. Indeed, Power has been describing herself as “an informal adviser” to Obama in her current role.
UPDATE (by Paul): In a parting gift to the Obama campaign, Power told a British television audience that Obama’s plan for withdrawing from Iraq (like, apparently, his plan to renegotiate NAFTA) isn’t really to be taken seriously. “He will, of course, not rely on some plan that he


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