Marching toward the hell of Michael Scheuer’s mind

Michael Scheuer was the CIA’s top man on the bin Laden desk. In a series of posts at Connecting the Dots, Gabriel Schoenfeld has proved to my satisfaction that Scheuer is a man of two faces who may well be short a few marbles. Before he left the agency in late 2004, Scheuer was nevertheless an instrument in the bureaucratic war waged by the CIA on the Bush administration, or so I argued in “Three years of the Condor.”
In today’s New York Times Book Review, David Rieff examines Scheuer’s new book, Marching Toward Hell. Rieff is a decent and principled man of the left who takes an overly charitable view of Scheuer’s previous books. It is nevertheless gratifying to see Rieff calling out Scheuer on his new book:

Scheuer makes the astonishing leap to the view that America was betrayed by virtually the entire American policy elite


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