Heroes too hot for Forest Lake Area High School

Pete Hegseth is an alumnus of the Forest Lake Area High School and the founder of Vets for Freedom, which brings its National Heroes Tour to the Twin Cities today. Today’s schedule included bringing the tour to social studies students at the high school.
But the principal abrupty cancelled the event when “parents and others” called the school and objected. The Star Tribune story reporting the cancellation is ambiguously headlined and written to suggest that the scheduled event raised concerns that the event was political in nature, but it is evident that the “concerns” about politics were confined to accusations by the objectors and that the principal simply kowtowed to them. What a disgrace.
UPDATE: Katherine Kersten, Kathryn Lopez, Hugh Hewitt, and Uncle Jimbo pierce the fog of the Star Tribune article.
JOHN adds: From Kathy Kersten’s post:



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