The Greenhousing of Yale Law School

Yale Law School Professor Charles Reich gave us The Greening of America. Now Linda Greenhouse gives us the Greenhousing of Yale Law School, as the long-time New York Times Supreme Court reporter signs on as the law school’s journalist-in-residence and senior fellow. Greenhouse is recognized in the aptly named “Greenhouse effect,” in which favorable coverage provided by the mainstream media is credited with the “growth” or evolution of judges to the left.
Greenhouse accepted a lucrative buyout from the Times resulting in her departure from the paper last month. We recently followed the revelation of Greenhouse’s undisclosed conflict in reporting on stories involving cases in which her husband participated as counsel for parties filing amicus briefs. Greenhouse’s coverage tilted wildly in favor of the positions taken by her husband, though no one thought that anything other than her liberalism was, as usual, responsible for the bias displayed in the related articles.
Harvard Magazine memorialized one highlight of Greenhouse’s career:

Linda Greenhouse


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