It’s now or never

Tomorrow’s Mersyside Derby at Liverpool’s ground will tell us whether Everton will be able to sustain its challenge to the Shite for a place in top flight European football next season. Right now, we’re two points behind Liverpool for fourth place and, thus, the final English place in the Champions League. A win tomorrow would catapult Everton into fourth place with six matches remaining. A draw would keep our hopes alive. A loss, however, would pretty much force us to concentrate on staving off the competition for a place in the lesser UEFA Cup competition next season.
You can tell the match is key because both managers are downplaying its importance.
Given our very recent form, it’s difficult to be particularly optimistic about tomorrow. Moreover, we’ll be without one scoring threat, Tim Cahill who is out for the season, and possibly another, Andy Johnson who is battling a groin injury.
But if anything can kick our fading team back into gear, it should be this Derby.


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