CNN Airs “Warmonger” Smear

We wrote here about left-wing radio host Ed Schultz, who denounced John McCain as “a warmonger” in the course of introducing Barack Obama at North Dakota’s State Democratic Convention Friday evening. Now, CNN has compounded the offense by inviting Schultz on the air to explain why he thinks McCain is a “warmonger.” The network gave Schultz more than four minutes on-air to amplify his smear, without inviting anyone from McCain’s camp to participate or respond. Unbelievable. You can watch it here.
Obama, meanwhile, has said nothing publicly about the incident, and he continues to echo Schultz’s smear by repeating his false claim that McCain “wants to continue this war in Iraq, maybe for 100 years.” So Schultz’s ham-handed attacks on McCain come straight from the Obama playbook.
Here’s what McCain actually thinks about war:

Barack Obama keeps telling us he’s a different sort of candidate. I’m starting to think that may be true.
PAUL adds: CNN is a different sort of network too. And when you consider how biased CBS and NBC are, that takes some doing.


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