I’m back

after ten great days in Paris, with side trips to Fontainebleau and Mont Saint-Michel. It’s a sad commentary that, even when still on European time, I can’t beat Scott to the punch in the morning.

I’ll provide my impressions of Paris in a moment, but first, at the risk of shameless promotion, I want to convey my impressions of Power Line. I stayed off the site entirely between April 9 and this morning, and I’ve just read, with the closest to fresh eyes I expect to have for a long time, everything that John and Scott posted during this period. I’m blown away.

It was after my last trip to Paris in 2002, that I first read Power Line in order to decide whether to participate in the venture. The decision turned out to be a no-brainer. But had the content been comparable to that which I’ve just read, I doubt I would have had the nerve to enlist.


Books to read from Power Line