Memo to the VRWC


Rush Limbaugh has called for a pause in Operation Chaos. Rush is deliberating over his next order:

You can’t vote in North Carolina and Indiana ’til Tuesday anyway, so there’s really no pause. It’s not as though the election is tomorrow. I just wanted you to know your commanding officers are eagerly, diligently, and effectively planning the next strategy here, based on [Obama’s] speech and the reaction to it.

Allahpundit, however, entertains no such doubts:

No matter what kind of hit [Obama] takes in the polls, it won’t be so bad as to let [Clinton] make up the difference in pledged delegates through the end of the primaries. Which means he’ll still be the presumptive nominee, which means the superdelegates will still risk alienating black voters by denying him the nomination, which in turn means Hillary will limp into the general with a major vacuum in her base. Obama might limp in too now thanks to Wright but there’s no sense giving a breather to a dynamo on the stump who raises $50 million a month. So keep pushing her, secure in the knowledge that even if the worst should befall us and we end up stuck with a Democrat in the White House, the pragmatist is still preferable to the “post-partisan” hard leftist.

Stay tuned.


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