Can He Spell “Potato?”

Yesterday Barack Obama said that John McCain was “losing his bearings,” a remark that McCain’s campaign, perhaps protesting too much, took as a reference to his age. In fact, though, it is Obama, not McCain, who keeps having senior moments. In particular, Obama is weirdly unable to remember how many states there are in the Union.

We noted Obama’s confusion here:

And I’ve now campaigned in 47 states, actively. And I think South Dakota is the last state that I have not had a campaign event in.

Now that doesn’t mean that I expect that I will win all 50 — or 48 states and Alaska and Hawaii — all 50 states.

Today, Obama wandered even further afield, saying that he has campaigned in 57 states, with “one left to go:”

This is much worse than anything Dan Quayle ever did. Needless to say, these bizarre moments won’t be promoted by the media as evidence that Obama is stupid. But they’ll be worth keeping in mind in the fall, when every time John McCain misspeaks, the Democrats’ whispering campaign will suggest that he’s getting senile.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn adds:

The viciously partisan John Hinderaker wonders if the Senator can spell potato. Of course he can. He’s been to both North and South Idahoe.

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