Exposed in the New York Times

Our friend Hugh Hewitt originally discovered Power Line and started talking about our site almost six years ago, in the fall of 2002, as we covered the Wellstone-Coleman race and then (after Senator Wellstone’s death) the Mondale-Coleman race. Looking around at the work on offer from our fellow bloggers based in Minnesota, Hugh dubbed the whole lot of us including Ed Morrissey, now of Hot Air, Mitch Berg, King Banaian and the gentlemen of Fraters Libertas “The Northern Alliance.” The name was a joke.

What was once a humorous figment of Hugh’s imagination has now materialized into Northern Alliance Radio, the six-hour slot of weekend programming featuring “The Northern Alliance” on AM 1280 in the Twin Cities, where Hugh’s synidicated show is carried weekdays. Taking the final slot together with King Banaian in the radio lineup is Michael Brodkorb, the proprietor of Minnesota Democrats Exposed. In today’s New York Times, Monica Davey takes a look at the role Brodkorb et al. are playing in Minnesota’s current Senate race. Davey’s article is “Franken-Coleman race is going to the blogs.”


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