Right from the start

In commenting on John McCain’s speech about the judiciary, I wrote:

Should McCain’s speech satisfy conservatives? Not in and of itself; actions speak louder than words. However, McCain’s actions over the years have mostly been consistent with these words.

I went on to note McCain’s support for John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and many of President Bush’s court of appeals nominees.

McCain was also a staunch supporter of Robert Bork during the mother of all confirmation struggles back in 1987. You can read the Senator’s statement as to why he voted for Bork “without any hesitation” here. Keys parts of that explanation rely on the same view of the judiciary’s role that McCain articulated yesterday. He also denounced “the tactics of distortion, hysteria, and politicized paranoia that many of the special interests have used and exploited to oppose this man.”

Via Eric Dreiband.


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