Strange new respect, Hillary Clinton edition

“Ouch” doesn’t quite capture the response provoked by Noemie Emery’s take on the “strange new respect” accorded to Hillary Clinton by conservatives observing her cage match with Barack Obama:

[S]he is tough. Boy, is she tough. Next to John McCain’s torture and FDR’s polio (or John Kennedy’s terrible health and PT-109 put together), she has arguably been through more harrowing times than any major contender in history. Hillary may not have been tortured for six years by the North Vietnamese, but her marriage to Bill could have seemed the equivalent…

On the other hand, Ms. Hillary has endured the marital equivalent of “torture” in the pursuit of power and her own greater glory. The object of her endurance tends to mitigate our apprecation of her ordeal. And what about Bill? It hasn’t been a bed of roses for him either, Noemie.


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