“Obama Clarifies Position…”

Is that becoming a familiar headline, or what? I hope someone is compiling them all. Today, it was the Supreme Court’s gun decision: “Obama clarifies position on D.C. gun ban”:

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama Thursday sought to clarify his position on a Supreme Court ruling striking down a Washington gun ban. ***

When asked about his reaction, Obama disputed the one outlined earlier by his campaign, ABC News reported.

When a reporter noted in November that the District’s handgun law was constitutional, Obama distanced himself from the campaign, the network reported.

“I don’t know what my aide said but I’ve been very consistent, I teach constitutional law,” Obama said. “What I said was that I believe Second Amendment as being an individual right and have said that consistently. I also think that individual right is constrained by the rights of the community to maintain issues with public safety. I don’t think those two principles are contradictory and in fact what I’ve been saying consistently is what the Supreme Court essentially said today.”

Which is a ludicrous claim, even by Obama’s standards. Here’s an idea, though: maybe as part of this year’s campaign, we could have a debate between Obama and his campaign staff.

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