A response to the Obama Wizardry

Vincent Flynn has drafted a response to Obama’s new ad highlighting Obama’s purported Kansas values:

I’m John McCain and I approve this ad

(Clip of Obama ad)

Bob Dole: I just saw this Barack Obama ad and I just don’t believe it.

(Backround: Midwestern agrarian scenes)

Let’s be clear. I was born in Kansas. I went to school in Kansas. I served the people of Kansas as their Senator.

I’ve spent a lifetime being proud of the people of Kansas and their values.

And Senator Obama, you just don’t have Kansas values.

I know one man who does have the values of the heartland….faith, courage, honesty and patriotism.

That’s my friend John McCain and I’m proud to support him for President.

Obama’s ad is so utterly false it could prompt a series in response. This is not a bad start at all.

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