Democrats Hanging On for High Oil Prices

The Democrats’ effort to keep gas prices high is reaching a crescendo, as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid prepare to adjourn for a five-week vacation without allowing a vote on increasing our energy resources. House Republicans are trying to prevent this from happening.

The Republicans have combined their “all of the above” energy proposals into the American Energy Act, but Pelosi won’t allow it to come to a vote. If she did, it would likely pass, as a number of House Democrats disagree with their leadership’s policy of keeping gas prices high by limiting supply.

What makes the Dems so perverse? In this rather weird Politico article–who is more pretentious, Pelosi or the reporter?–Pelosi says, “I’m trying to save the planet!” Which is, frankly, idiotic. House Republicans are fighting back by trying to prevent the House from adjourning until its members, Republicans and Democrats alike, have had an opportunity to vote on proposals to lower gas prices by expanding our energy resources. Republicans have vowed to vote “No” on the motion to adjourn, and are hoping that some Democrats will join them.

You might think that the Democrats’ position, which takes money out of the pockets of all Americans, would be political poison. Not necessarily. The Democrats know who their friends are. Thus, for example, the Sierra Club, whose executive director wrote an op-ed supporting high gas prices and opposing “cheap fuel,” recently announced that it will run political ads in support of House Democratic candidates. If you’re in favor of prosperity and economic growth, write your Congressman and ask him or her not to vote to adjourn Congress until members have had an opportunity to vote to lower energy costs by allowing supply to increase.

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