Jesse Jackson: The complete package

I’ve been wondering about the source of Jesse Jackson’s metaphorical mutilation of Barack Obama. New York Post reporter Leonard Greene hazards a guess:

If you’re wondering where Jesse Jackson got the idea to cut off someone’s nuts, consider this theory:

It probably came from his wife.

No doubt Jacqueline Jackson had the same thought when she was hit with the news that her philandering husband had a daughter with a woman who wasn’t her.

Greene recalls:

It was in 2001 that word surfaced that the civil-rights leader had had an affair with a Rainbow PUSH Coalition staffer, a relationship that resulted in the birth of a baby girl.

Seven years later, a black politician from Chicago not named Jesse Jackson, who’s on the verge of making history by claiming the Democratic nomination, gets on a stage and talks about responsible fatherhood.

Well, he had to hit a nerve.

Via Lucianne.

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