Straight from the Kansas heartland, by way of Rev. Wright’s church

Barack Obama is on the air in the Washington D.C. media market with a bio-ad that touts his love of America and describes his values as coming “straight from the Kansas heartland.” The ad presumably is aimed at Northern Virginia voters. If Obama rolls up big enough margins in Northern Virginia, he could be competitive against McCain statewide. At a minimum, Obama hopes to force McCain to devote resources to what has long been a reliable Republican state in presidential elections.

The ad itself is vintage Obama, which is to say fraudulent. Obama’s embrace of Kansas values cannot be reconciled with how he worshipped on Sundays throughout the past 20 years. Obama spent his Sundays listening to Jeremiah Wright. In recent years, he was accompanied by his young daughters. The hate-filled, venomous ranting of Rev. Wright has nothing to do with Kansas, a state not widely associated with black liberation theology. Obama’s pattern of religious worship is far better evidence of his values than a campaign ad.

Obama’s profession of deep love for America is also at odds with the evidence. When his wife said she had never as an adult been proud of America until now, Obama did not take issue with her viewpoint. Instead, he defended her comment on the ground that what she meant was that “this is the first time that she’s been proud of the politics of America.” A person who deeply loves America could not see any merit in the view that there is nothing about our politics to be proud of. Nor could he take his spiritual guidance from a man who insists America should be damned, not blessed.

It was Bill Clinton who first used the term “fairy tale” in conjunction with the Obama campaign. The former president has never been closer to the mark. And since the MSM appears to have decided that references to Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright are off-limits, it’s possible that Obama may once-upon-a-time himself into the White House.

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