Barack Obama, the know-nothing candidate

Inspired, he tells me, by my post about Barack Obama’s legislation to kill the inventory of our off-shore energy resources, Ed Lasky takes a broader look at the candidate’s Senate record. Among other things, Ed reminds us that

[Obama] has not even seen fit to call a meeting of the Committee he heads, the Senate Subcommittee on European Affairs. Despite its name, Obama’s subcommittee has some oversight over Afghanistan. While he now says on the campaign trail that Afghanistan requires more focus and attention, he overlooked his own jurisdictional responsibilities in that theatre for the entire time he has served in the US Senate. He refuses to take time off his victory tour to call his subcommittee to order to provide such oversight.

It’s interesting to juxtapose Obama’s Senate conduct regarding two issues he now concedes are central: Afghanistan and developing new energy resources. As to both, Obama promoted ignorance. He held no hearings on Afghanistan and he attempted to kill the inventory that quantifies our oil reserves.

The electorate, I believe, is looking for a pragmatic president who makes judgments based on information, not ideological predilection. Obama’s Senate record strongly suggests that he’s not that candidate. I wonder whether there is an effective anti-Obama ad in this.

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