Catholics Against Joe Biden

I imagine that when Barack Obama considered whether to select Joe Biden as his running mate, the fact that Biden is a Catholic entered the analysis. In fact, Obama twice referred to Biden as a “committed Catholic” when he introduced Talkin’ Joe as his running mate.

I certainly don’t blame Obama for taking Biden’s Catholicism into consideration. I note, however, that the Democrats seem a bit naive when it comes to assessing the impact of a candidate’s status or “life story” on voters with the same status or life story.

Thus, some Democrats thought that John Kerry’s status as a Vietnam veteran would be seen by veterans as a plus, even though Kerry had slandered his fellow Vietnam vets (the Army of Genghis Khan, etc.) upon his return to the U.S. Similarly, some appear to believe that affilation with the Catholic Church will be seen as a plus by Catholics, even if the candidate in question disagrees with essential teachings of the Church and casts Senate votes accordingly. Assessing the latter view is “above my pay grade,” but consider me skeptical.

In any case, some Catholics are working to hold Biden accountable for his positions on abortion. For example, Steve Dillard has a site called Catholics Against Joe Biden. Judging by Steve’s site, there has already been considerable push-back by against Biden by prominent Catholics and Catholic organization. For good measure, Steve also takes exception to Nancy Pelosi’s comment last weekend on Meet The Press that the question of when life begins is an open one for Catholics.

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