He’s dancing as fast as he can

At Saddleback Barack Obama responded to the question addressed to him by Rick Warren on abortion as being “above my pay grade.” Those who have dug into his record in the Illinois senate, however, have found evidence that Obama is a devout believer in what might be called the sacramental or positive good view of abortion: nothing can be allowed to interfere with the unfettered exercise of the purported right, including the accident of an infant born alive.

David Freddoso considers the evidence in “Life lies.” Russell Berman covers the political fallout in “Obama facing attacks from all sides over abortion record.” The attacks from the left that are alluded to in the headline of Berman’s article date from the primary season. The attacks now at issue come from the right; they have elicited the charge from Obama that they are lies. As Freddoso shows, it is Obama’s defense that appears to fail the cherry tree test.

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