Joel Mowbray reports: The superior Clinton sequel

Joel Mowbray reports from Pepsi Center:

Bill Clinton finally did what no one else has done effectively in the first two and a half days of the convention: He articulated a clear rationale for supporting Barack Obama, while also pointedly attacking McCain.

In short, Bill tonight did everything Hillary didn’t do last night. It could be that Bill was responding to criticism that his wife’s talk was most effective in positioning her for her next White House bid, whether in four or eight years.

Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but perhaps this was not a response to the complaints from Obama’s camp. Rather, maybe it was planned all along: Hillary leaves a powerful “I made history, too” message in the minds of the Democratic faithful, then Bill comes in a day later and does such a good job hitting McCain and stumping for Obama that his wife’s self-indulgence is forgiven.

Maybe that’s giving too much credit to the Clintons, but it’s certainly not beyond their keen abilities.

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