Surviving hell with John McCain

Retired Air Force Colonel Leo Thorsness is the Medal of Honor recipient who shared a cell with John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton. I reported on my interview of Colonel Thorsness in “Who is Leo Thorsness and why is he supporting John McCain?” Saturday’s New York Times published a short op-ed column by Colonel Thorsness expressing his support for Senator McCain. The column is “A prisoner’s mind.”

Listening to Colonel Thorsness talk about his experience as a prisoner, I thought to myself that someone has to write this up. I have since learned that someone — Colonel Thorsness himself — has done so. His memoir Surviving Hell: A POW’s Journey is to be published next month by Encounter Books. (The Encounter Books page on the book is here.) Based on my interview with Colonel Thorsness, I look forward to reading the book and commend it to your attention.

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