The Washington Post — never more than a sentence away from a Democratic talking point

These were the headlines on the front page of the Washington Post last Friday, after Barack Obama’s Denver oration:

Obama, Accepting Nomination, Draws Sharp Contrast Contrast With McCain — 84,000 pack stadium to hear candidate close convention with policy specifics and pointed criticism of the Republicans

A Remarkable Event (bold in original) — For the Descendants of King’s Dream, a New Day Dawns

Witnesses To A Historic Moment (bold in original) — At the Very Top of Invesco Field, Feeling More Than a Mile High

The Message That the Party Wanted to Hear

These are the Post’s convention-related headlines today, after Sarah Palin’s speech in St. Paul:

Palin Comes Out Fighting — VP Candidate Dismisses Obama’s Experience While Extolling Her Own

Striking Back at Critics, One by One

In a More Diverse America, A Mostly White Convention

In short:

Mean-spirited, boastful Republican candidate delivers ungracious address to out-of-touch crowd

UPDATE: In fairness to the Post, though, Chris Cillizza calls Palin’s speech a triumph and a potent debut. Palin, he says, “stepped up and delivered.” Unfortunately, Cillizza’s assessment appears online, not on the paper’s front page.

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