Who’s the Pig?

Debate rages over whether or not Barack Obama called Governor Sarah Palin a “pig.” Whatever your view on that subject, it is undeniable that when it comes to earmarks the Democrats are the pigs. The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste does the math:

John McCain is a “hero” to U.S. taxpayers for his lifetime record of resisting earmarks, while Barack Obama and Joe Biden are “hostile” and “unfriendly,” a government spending watchdog group has concluded.

In its new report, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste gave the Republican presidential nominee a 100 percent rating for his votes in the Senate last year, and a lifetime score of 88 percent.

By comparison, the nonpartisan, nonprofit group, which is the lobbying arm of Citizens Against Government Waste, gave the Democratic presidential nominee a 10 percent score last year and a lifetime score of 18 percent. Biden, Obama’s running mate, scored 0 percent last year and an overall score of 22 percent.

The forces of reaction in Washington are counting on the go along/get along careerist Barack Obama to help them block change and preserve the status quo. There is only one real reform ticket in the race this year, and it’s McCain/Palin.

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