A note on Tom Brokaw

Brokaw was a dreadful moderator. Instead of inviting the candidates to debate the answers their opponent gave in response to the audience questions, Brokaw interposed his own (often lame) questions. This was an impediment to real debate as well as an unwarranted intrusion by Brokaw into the “townhall.”

Naturally, the candidates at times brushed aside Brokaw’s question and did what they were there to do — debate each other in response to audience questions. This was one reason why the candidates kept exceeding the time limit. Brokaw should have (1) realized what was going on and stopped asking his own questions and/or (2) enforced the time limit. He did neither.

The McCain camp is complaining that Brokaw’s approach hurt their man. I don’t know about that, but it certainly reduced the quality of the debate.

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