Coleman Sues Franken

Senator Norm Coleman has sued challenger Al Franken over a new Franken ad that claims Coleman is the “fourth most corrupt” Senator in Washington. Franken’s claim is laughable; the alleged corruption consists of the fact that Coleman rents a room in a friend’s house in Washington for $600 a month. Some “corruption!”

What is going on here, of course, is that Norm Coleman, unlike Al Franken and so many other Democrats, isn’t rich. He has to maintain a home in Minnesota for his family and also have some kind of a residence in D.C. Since he isn’t rich, the best he can do is rent a room in a friend’s house. The Minneapolis Star Tribune, in the story linked above, got the facts mostly right, but added this observation:

Although the campaign released copies of Coleman’s lease and rent checks last summer, it has not yet produced proof that the senator pays for his share of utilities in the house.

Such is the level of insanity to which our political life has fallen.

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