Hitting With Men On Base

Most baseball people will tell you that, contrary to the fervently-held conviction of fans, there is no such thing as a talent for clutch hitting. In politics, though, there is, and Sarah Palin has it. It would be hard to imagine two more high-pressure situations than her speech at the convention and the vice-presidential debate last night, and both times she came through with style.

The debate last night was watched by an astonishing 69.9 million people. It was the most-watched vice-presidential debate ever and the most-watched debate of any sort since 1992. It drew 61% more viewers than the 2004 vice-presidential debate and 33% more than this year’s first Presidential debate. And none of that was because of Joe Biden.

Palin is a phenomenon in part because she drives liberals around the bend. Currently, they are obsessed with the fact that she winked last night. Staying with the baseball metaphor, one might be tempted to label her the A.J. Pierzynski of politics, except that A.J. really is obnoxious whereas Palin infuriates liberals by being friendly and charming.

The Left will continue hurling rubbish at her, but it’s not likely to make much impression on the 70 million who saw her perform last night.

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