Let’s Talk About Selfishness

Today, Barack Obama accused those who don’t want him to raise their taxes of “selfishness:”

This is a classic inversion of the truth, liberal style. It is not selfish to want to keep money that you earned. What is selfish is to try to steal someone else’s money, whether that is done by breaking into his house or by voting for Barack Obama and other Democrats.

Another index of selfishness is how much one gives of one’s own resources–not someone else’s–to help others. Democrats are notoriously cheap in this regard, and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not exceptions. This chart, courtesy of BizzyBlog, dramatically illustrates what selfishness looks like:


Obama’s record of charitable giving, as recorded in his tax returns, is pathetic. Until he started gearing up to run for President, his charitable contributions averaged around one percent of his adjusted gross income. Now that he is a multimillionaire and knows his tax returns will be made public, he has picked up the pace slightly. But how many people do you know who earn over $250,000 a year whose total charitable contributions add up to $1,050? That was Obama in 2002. It’s a wonder Jeremiah Wright wasn’t after him to pull his weight.

And that’s before we even get to how Obama treats his relatives.

So, Barack: if you want to see what selfishness looks like, look in the mirror.

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