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We continue to receive reports of dubious (i.e., illegal) donations to the Obama campaign. Yesterday Mark Steyn reported the contribution of “Adolfe Hitler” of 1 Reichstag Building. Herr “Hitler” received a grateful acknowledgement of his contribution:

Dear Adolfe,

Thanks for joining this movement. It will take all of us working together to bring change to this country, and we wanted to make sure you know about all the opportunities to get involved in your community and online.

Check out the resources below — learn how you can connect with fellow supporters, organize in your neighborhood, build our national grassroots organization, and stay informed with the very latest campaign news.

This morning we received word from reader Kurtis F. of his contribution under the name Crazy Eight:

Crazy Eight from Swindler Lane just made a $25 dollar donation to Obama for America. It went right through to my credit card after a two day delay.

No security code. No address check. No name verification. Nothing. Unbelievable.

At PBTS, John Ronning reports “How foreign liberals (and jihadis for the matter) can contribute illegally to the Obama campaign.” They can do it the same way Crazy Eight and so many others have done.

You’d think someone who does this kind of work for the MSM might see a story here, but it hasn’t happened yet. Indeed, as I noted in “Obama Shrugged,” MSM reporters Michael Luo (New York Times) and Matthew Mosk (Washington Post) have only served to obscure the Obama’s campaign’s facilitation of illegal falsely sourced, foreign and excessively large donations in their pieces touching on this subject. Maybe they’ll return to the story and clear things up some time after the election, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Now reader Mike Angiletta has teamed up with a few internet/e-commerce peers to launch a new site which is dedicated to covering the Obama online credit card donation scandal. As Mike notes in a message, the Obama campaign has intentionally turned off basic fraud screening (credit card address verification) on its site, thereby allowing donors to violate campaign finance law. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Mike writes that he and his team want to keep the public informed on this important issue that the mainstream media are ignoring and want to encourage readers to sign a petition asking the Obama campaign to disclose all its donor records, as the McCain campaign has done. Tipping his hat to my post earlier this week, Mike has aptly named his site Obama Shrugged. Check it out!

Mark Steyn updates the story this morning, commenting on this article by Matthew Mosk in today’s Washington Post.

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