Smearing Joe the Plumber

Barack Obama reminds me a bit of John Gotti. Obama is no murderer, of course, but here is the analogy: John Gotti (before his incarceration) was a well-dressed, genial, smooth-talking guy. Not a visible threat in sight. But if you crossed him, his thugs were very quickly at your door.

Likewise with Barack Obama. He is always at pains to seem high-minded, but his tactics are anything but. If you cross him, his goons, too, are sure to retaliate, albeit in less deadly fashion than Gotti’s.

The case of Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher is an object lesson in how Obama and his supporters try to destroy anyone who even inadvertently gets in their way. Once Wurzelbacher was thrust into the limelight after Obama approached him in his driveway, Democrats swung into action to try to discredit the plumber by ransacking records on file with the State of Ohio. These efforts–the ones that have come to light so far–are recounted in the Columbus Dispatch:

Authorities in Toledo and Cleveland confirmed today that workers accessed Wurzelbacher’s driving record and vehicle information through state computer systems in checks uncovered by The Dispatch. …

The Toledo Police Department announced that a records clerk improperly pulled Wurzelbacher’s information on behalf of a reporter for a Toledo television station the day after the Oct. 15 presidential debate. …

Altogether, the Dispatch identifies four separate violations of Wurzelbacher’s privacy by Democrats in Ohio’s state bureaucracy who improperly accessed his records, hoping to find information helpful to the Obama campaign. This is the worst one:

Inspector General Thomas P. Charles also is investigating why the director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services approved a check on Wurzelbacher through the state’s child-support computer system.

Director Helen Jones-Kelley said that after a “team meeting,” she OK’d the check because the department often runs inquiries to check for unpaid child support on people thrust into “the public spotlight.”

Is that disgusting, or what? They actually held a “team meeting” to decide to spy on Wurzelbacher on Obama’s behalf. As it happens, Wurzelbacher doesn’t pay child support, but they apparently thought there was no harm in checking. The Director of the Department of Job and Family Services denies that she was trying to help Obama:

Jones-Kelley said there were no political motivations behind the check. The Democratic appointee has contributed the maximum $2,300 to the Obama campaign this year, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Democrats often purport to be concerned about privacy rights, but those claims are about as credible as their claim to be tax-cutters.

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