The waning of free speech in Europe continues

We have reported on Europe’s sickening turn away from robust democracy, and especially freedom of speech, and towards leftist thugocracy. In no European country does the abandonment of Western values appear to be occurring more rapidly than Belgium.

The latest example comes from Ghent, as reported by the Gates of Vienna blog. On October 7, Filip Dewinter, a prominent Flemish politician, was scheduled to participate in a debate at the University of Ghent. The issue was to be cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands. Dewinter is a member of a party that favors the separation of Flanders from Belgium. Separation would be accomplished non-violently, as occurred when Czechoslovakia separated into two Republics.

Prior to the debate, the Rector of the university announced that Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament who had also been invited, would not be allowed to participate. Wilders is a libertarian-conservative, a staunch defender of free speech, and a critic of Islam to the extent that it conflicts with freedom. Because of his criticism of Islam, he frequently receives death threats. The Rector said that Wilders would not be welcome because his safety could not be guaranteed.

Neither, it turned out, could Dewinter’s. Left-wing students (300 of them according to one estimate) calling themselves anti-fascists blocked his entrance. Dewinter refused to be intimidated and attempted to enter the building. A brawl ensued. The police eventually broke it up, but the debate was cancelled.

Afterwards Dewinter said:

We were struck and beaten because we wanted access to a university for an approved debate. The so-called anti-fascists used fascist methods to try to silence us. This can not be allowed in a democracy.

Increasingly, the question is: to what extent is a country like Belgium still a full democracy?

Via Diana West.

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