Barack Obama’s radical trifecta

As we learn more about Barack Obama’s relationship with Rashid Khalidi — the staunch advocate for the PLO who Obama says helped him with his thinking about the Middle East — it becomes clear that the Democratic candidate for president has hit a radical trifecta. We now know that Obama has substantial relations with a rabidly anti-American black militant, an unrepetent “New Left” terrorist, and a former spokesperson for an Arab terrorist organization.

If Obama were older, he might have made it a grand slam by “palling around” with William Z. Foster or, more likely, a college professor close to Foster. Come to think of it, Obama’s first mentor appears to have been the Communist, Frank Marshall Davis.

The most troubling relationship remains the one with Rev. Wright. For while Ayers seems at least to match Wright in the anti-Americanism department, Wright was Obama’s spiritual mentor.

No self-respecting country would elect as president a man who spent 20 years taking spiritual guidance from a pastor who openly hates the country. And no country that loses its self respect can anticipate a bright future.

UPDATE: One rejoinder might be that by electing Barack Obama our country proves Obama’s mentor wrong and earns its self-respect. But no country whose self-respect depends on its embrace of a particular public figure can anticipate a bright future.

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