In re Mumbai

On November 21 we received a message from reader Richard Harper inquiring whether we had seen any reports to support his own speculations regarding prospective terrorist attacks:

I follow the stock market and actively trade. As a result, I remember well the way the market behaved before 9/11. There is enough foreign money in our market to amount to strong potential for influence… at least short term. It is highly likely the election was “bought” through the influence of Middle East money, partly directly, and partly through the stock market (after oil price manipulation failed).

In addition, it occurs to me, from al Qaeda’s viewpoint, now that the election is over, this is the ideal time from their viewpoint, to strike another time. The reasoning is, this would be an in-your-face blow to all of us that support Bush’s efforts to prevent such an attack… and would add support to those that pressure our government to give-it-up, get out… etc.

At the same time, an attack now, would be a test and a “warning” to Obama… and give credibility to Obama’s earlier stance that the whole “war-on-terror” is a waste of time and money. Two goals for the price of one.

I could add to my reasoning, but you get the point. I’m sure others have had a similar “epiphany” about this time period. I’m thinking November 26-27, or December 24-25.

Last night Harper to comment on the Mumbai attacks:

Well… I got the date of terrorist attacks correct. The Mumbai attack is not likely to be the end of it… it is aimed primarily at us, so it must exceed 3000 dead… and its unlikely we will see more than 600 dead in Mumbai. So brace for additional attacks, in another city or two. It remains unclear whether they can muster the resources necessary to pull of their clear goals… but clearly they are having a go at it. So they think they can.

As I said, its a two-fer. In your face toward Bush (couldn’t do it before the election, as they didn’t want to risk electing McCain), and secondly, a nice test/warning for Obama. Let’s hope Obama stiffens whatever resolve he might have, if any, instead of naively reacting as the left normally does.

Given the prescience of our reader’s prediction last week, his observations warrant consideration both in light of the Mumbai attacks and the threats of attack in New York City…

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