Interesting times

I may well have been wrong in doubting that Barack Obama would nominate Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. It seems that Politico, Jake Tapper, and CNN are now all reporting that Clinton will, in fact, be offered the position after Thanksgiving. Members of the transition team are saying that Clinton’s financial disclosures are satisfactory and the way is clear to tap her for the top job at Foggy Bottom.

Interesting times may be about to become more interesting times.

UPDATE: CNN also reports that retired Marine Gen. Jim Jones has emerged as President-elect’s leading choice to become the national security adviser. I can’t disagree with Jim Geraghty’s view that this would be a good sign.

JOHN adds: More good news: Obama reportedly will name Tim Geithner of the New York Federal Reserve as Treasury Secretary. If that report is right, it’s an excellent appointment. The stock market jumped 5 percent on the news. That’s terrific, but it also makes you wonder: given that response to Geithner’s nomination, how credible is the Obama camp’s insistence that the 20 percent drop we’ve seen since his election has nothing to do with businessmen’s concern about the impact of Obama’s policies on the economy?

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