Israeli hostages in Mumbai

Not much attention has been paid to the Israeli hostages being held at the Chabad House (also referred to as Nariman House) in Mumbai. The BBC has posted a brief report. Drudge has also posted a link to the longer Jerusalem Post article reporting that a rabbi, his wife and several other Israelis are being held hostage at the Chabad House. (The Post article reports that Israelis are also being held by terrorists at the Oberoi Hotel.)

Chabad reports that three people, including the toddler son of the Chabad rabbi and his wife have escaped from Nariman House. Haaretz adds that hostages including the rabbi and his wife inside the building may be unconscious. Ynet News has more.

According to the Post, Indian commandos and police were evacuating civilians and cordoning off the area apparently in preparation to storm the Chabad House. With the television focus on the major attacks on the luxury hotels and other prominent sites, it should be noted that the Israeli hostages at Nariman House are in need of your prayers as well.

UPDATE by JOHN: The Israeli embassy in New Delhi says that at least 10 to 20 Israeli nationals are being held hostage.

FURTHER UPDATE: An effort is underway to take Chabad House and free the hostages there. Indian forces reportedly have opened fire, and seven or more commandos (presumably Indian but possibly Israeli) have dropped from a helicopter in the building.

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