Minnesota Senate Recount, Update VII

A correspondent who has been working non-stop in the trenches since the Senate recount began describes Al Franken’s most recent strategy: document every “error” or “problem” that occurs in the course of the recount, to prepare to attack the process if Franken loses:

Being involved daily on the count I can see Franken’s strategy has changed from upping the frivolous challenges to meticulously documenting the mistakes in each precinct. They are increasing the number of “lead” volunteers in each counting room. Only one “lead” can be on the floor at any given moment, but they have several at the ready. They don’t observe at the tables – they spend their time taking copious notes about each issue that arises. Yesterday I saw them pass on a challenge opportunity, only to document the incident at length. I assume at the end of this they are going to publish a laundry list of every hiccup. They will try to throw the entire process into question by throwing the City Clerks and election judges under the bus.

If you noticed the Strib picked up the Crystal story today, claiming the ballots were added to the count when in fact they were challenged – and after I talked to the campaign I would guess they might have been subpoenaed.

In fact here is how I see Franken’s strategy has gone so far:
Count St. Louis County first and get the early lead (failed)
Challenge more ballots to get a lead (failed)
Start talking about the rejected absentee ballots and press for those to be canvassed (in process)
Document all failures now that the gap may never be made up.

The Franken campaign is starting to seem desperate; let’s hope their desperation is well-founded.

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