Sarah Palin explains

Last night I saw part of Sarah Palin’s interview with Greta Van Susteren. Palin made three points about her relations with the McCain staffers who worked with her during the campaign.

First, it was a strange experience to have a group of people, none of whom she knew, suddenly appear to take responsibility for how she would present herself on the campaign trail.

Second, she quickly came to realize, however, that these people were “sharp” and were trying hard to assist her.

Third, she nevertheless thought that, as a candidate, she should not be entirely scripted, but rather should at times express herself in her own way.

The first and third points seem quite reasonable, as a general matter. The second point is true, I assume. And to the extent that she may have held less positive views of some of the staffers, it is to Palin’s credit that she doesn’t express them.

There may be another side to this story. But until someone goes on the record to state it, I think that Palin’s comments should put to rest allegations that she was a “rogue” candidate or that she otherwise behaved inappropriately during the campaign.

JOHN adds: I saw the Palin interview last night and thought she did a good job. My favorite part was at the Palins’ home, when Greta van Susteren was doing the interview with a camera guy, Todd was holding the baby, and Sarah was making dinner as she answered Greta’s questions. It was a nice touch.

Apparently John McCain will be on the Leno show tonight. It will be disappointing if he fails to disassociate himself from his classless aides.

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