Voter Fraud: It’s Easy!

This is a great example of what used to be called “journalism.” Three television stations in Georgia, Florida and Ohio collaborated by obtaining and comparing voter registration rolls in their states. They found 112,000 people who were registered to vote in two states. Some have already voted twice; a more complete list of those who did so could, in principle, be compiled after the election.

There is essentially no effort made to prevent voter fraud. Some of the dual-registered people identified by the TV stations were surprised when, having already voted in one state, they received absentee ballots allowing them to vote in a second. Bear in mind, too, that this effort only identified voters who are dual-registered in two of these three states. No doubt, if a broader survey were done of residents of those states, it would find even more who are double-registered somewhere else. From the linked story:

“Does our system just trust that people won’t vote twice?” asked [Georgia Secretary of State] Handel. “From the federal level, yes pretty much.”

There is no federal database to track voter registration and no laws obligating voters to notify their old state when they register in a new one. “It’s an extremely high potential for (voter fraud),” said Handel.

The ease with which voter fraud can now be committed, and organized on a mass scale by groups like ACORN, has become a serious problem that must be addressed.

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