Is “Senate Candidate 5” Jesse Jackson’s son?

Last night, I reported on speculation about the identity of “Senate Candidate 5” of whom Gov. Blagojevich said he might be able to cut a deal that would provide him (Blago) something “tangible up front.” That something, according to Blagojevich’s taped comments, was $1 million. The speculation focused on two African-American politicians, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Illinois State Senate leader Emil Jones, with Jones perhaps the more likely according to some.

Now, ABC News is reporting that sources point to Rep. Jackson as the real Senate Candidate 5. Jackson himself says that federal investigators have asked him to “come in and share. . .insights and thoughts about the selection process.” Jackson adds that he does not know whether he is Senate Candidate 5 but that he has been told he is not a target of the investigation. Whether that is true or not, he will become one quickly if this prosecutor thinks Jackson’s “insights and thoughts” are not truthful. Just ask Scooter Libby.

Some of the speculation had favored Emil Jones over Jackson because Jackson does not have the same reputation as a fundraiser. However, that’s not to say that Jackson necessarily is without access to funds.

It’s important to remember, though, that the reference to Senate Candidate 5 is just Blagojevich talking, not the gospel.

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