Miss World: The Final Odds

The finale of the Miss World pageant will take place tomorrow night in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s an exceptionally interesting competition, and we wrote about it here and here. Somewhere between one and two billion people will watch tomorrow night’s telecast.

You can see the final odds here; it’s not too late to place a bet if you’re so inclined. We’ve written about most of the leading contenders, including Miss Russia, a stronger favorite than ever, and Miss Mexico, who has taken over second place in world-wide wagering. Miss Ukraine is running third, but can’t be counted out; Spain, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago–a personal favorite–are all near the top.

Two contestants whom we haven’t written about round out the top nine: Miss India and Miss Iceland, who won the “Miss Sport” competition and thereby got a pass into tomorrow night’s finals. Besides, anyone who lists reindeer steak as her favorite food can’t be all bad. Here they are:

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And, just because it’s my post, I’m adding Miss Jamaica:


Don’t miss tomorrow night’s broadcast. It’s perfect for TIVO.

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