The real real Bill Ayers

Pajamas Media has posted the rejected op-ed column by Larry Grathwol responding to Bill Ayers’s New York Times op-ed “The real Bill Ayers.” Ayers’s column is a farrago of propaganda and lies written for the credulous dupes among the Times editors. I noted the column here in “The real Charles Manson.”

Grathwol got to know the real Bill Ayers when Grathwol infiltrated the Weather Underground on behalf of the FBI. Pajamas Media has posted Grathwol’s column with a good introduction by Bob Owens as “The op-ed the New York Times wouldn’t run>” Grathwol’s column isn’t particularly good, but at least it has truth on its side, unlike Ayers’s column.

On a related note, see also Ronald Radosh’s “The Fort Dix five.” Radosh asks: “What is the difference between the five Muslim immigrants convicted in a Federal court in Camden, New Jersey on Monday, and Bill Ayers and his comrades in the Weather Underground?” Answer: “Not much., except the outcome.”

UPDATE: The link to the rejected Grathwol op-ed is fixed.

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