A wake-up call in liberal Montgomery County, Maryland

The leaders of Montgomery County, Maryland, where I live, have for years pledged not to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. Any jurisdiction that elects such leaders deserves the consequences.

According to the Washington Post, Montgomery County residents are coming to believe that one of such consequence is increased crime. Crime in the county is up 7.7 percent this year, and illegal immigrants have been charged with two high profile murders, the slaying of a teen-age honor student on a bus and of a 63 year-old woman in her home by one of her employees.

The country police chief has therefore proposed that police officers check the immigration status of suspects arrested for violent crimes and weapons offenses. This common sense proposal appears to have considerable support, although it is not clear that our liberal County Executive, Democrat Isiah Leggett, will approve the measure. It’s hard to imagine the leaders of this county being more clueless than their liberal constituents, but that may turn out to be the case.

The influx of illegal aliens is changing our neighborhoods for the worse. Politicians ignore the problem at substantial risk to their careers and to society.

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